1. How to Optimize Event Footprints for Instagram

    How to Optimize Event Footprints for Instagram

    Fujifilm’s analog frame engagement at its Wonder Photo Shop puts consumers on display.

    Social media is ubiquitous in experiential marketing, with social media impressions a key metric for marketers. But with the rise of this attendee-driven amplification channel has come hard lessons in letting go—that, unlike photo activation booths, brands can’t always control the visuals or the messages shared.

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    1. The Hall of Magic was designed to be a social platform, and every single room that we created was all about how is it going to be photographed and what are the opportunities for our guests to be able to share their experience.
    2. That was magical for us as marketers.
    3. We created an experience that wasn't overly branded.
    4. We wanted to create an environment where people get comfortable, cozy, warm and want to stay for more than a couple minutes, a real photo lounge.
    5. With 29Rooms there are rooms that are deeply thoughtful and might touch on more serious topics like mental health or environmental awareness, but then you will go to the next room and find yourself in a ball pit filled with inflatable pandas and you quickly become a kid again.
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