1. 9 Ways to Tame the Volunteer Relationship

    9 Ways to Tame the Volunteer Relationship

    Consider this common scenario: You need to get all your presentations in for review for a March 1 continuing medical education activity by February 15. February 15 goes by, as does the 16th … next thing you know, you’re a week out and you haven’t received any presentations. What would you do?

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    1. Keep in mind that it's easier to give them something to react to than it is to ask them to create something from scratch.
    2. It's all well and good to seek someone with a particular clinical area of expertise when you need to fill a slot for an educational program, But you also need to know their passions and weaknesses.
    3. Worker bees might not have the vision, but they can get the work done for you.
    4. The recommendations coming out of that committee will be richer if you have a diverse composition.
    5. An idle committee is an unengaged committee.
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