1. Redefining Meetings As Platforms — Meetings Innovation Report

    Redefining Meetings As Platforms — Meetings Innovation Report

    There's a growing focus in the meetings industry around segmenting event design for the individual attendee by developing sub-meetings for different groups. In effect, meeting planners are creating platforms for mass-personalized value exchange ...

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    1. It's about the race for relevance and trying to really find your tribe.
    2. Meetings are increasingly focused on participant-driven learning.
    3. Design is a method of leadership. With design thinking we have the capacity to envision our future and systematically build the vision.
    4. This report showed that the meetings industry is evolving into a global innovation distribution channel. State and local governments are getting behind it, they're seeing the benefits of the interaction of the attendees when they come to town. It's drawing business, it's drawing residents, it's drawing intellectual capital.
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