1. 7 Tips for Adding a Consumer Day to Your Trade Show

    7 Tips for Adding a Consumer Day to Your Trade Show

    One of the growing trends in the trade show sector is the addition of fan-focused expos or consumer days, which open a window to the public to events that have normally remained exclusive to members of the trade. A prime example of this trend is BookCon, the consumer event that launched in 2014 as an extension of Reed Exhibitions' book industry event BookExpo.

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    1. We had all this amazing content. There was so much fantastic stuff to dig in on.
    2. BookExpo is a focused professional event. The attendee base is only members of the trade. We have a distinct focus on booksellers, librarians, and retailers.
    3. With books, anything the reader would want is at their fingertips. It's their decision how to get it and who to get it from. Consumers are in the driver's seat.
    4. But you need to really be smart and hone in on a particular sector of your audience.
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