1. Special Report: Best Places to Work in Events 2017

    Special Report: Best Places to Work in Events 2017

    great work is the calling card of an inspired work environment, the event industry has some of the best places to work in corporate America. Our biannual special report on the Best Places to Work in Events offers a rare look inside the companies and cultures where inspired ideas are cultivated and top talent thrives.

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    1. We really understand [millennials] because we are that demographic.
    2. There are a lot of things we're constantly having to stay current on, whether that be video invitations or holograms of people on stage.
    3. Every day we use social media—Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook—and we bring that into the workplace.
    4. For me, a big challenge was proving myself—learning to navigate the industry, building my own relationships with partners and vendors, and more specifically, finding a style that works for me.
    5. More than anything I've learned the importance of relationships and your personal brand.
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