1. Going Solo: What Drives Brands to Take the Leap into Proprietary Events

    CLIF Bar’s quirky CykelScramble last year drew 8,500 spectators and 75 teams of costume-clad competitors.

    Most event marketers have enjoyed the benefits of sponsoring a vibrant event. Maybe a music festival that attracts the millennial audience they’re trying to reach, or a sporting event that draws thousands into a stadium—and their on-site activation.

    But at some point they’ve no doubt wondered—what would happen if we took all that experience and financial investment and created our own event?

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    1. Sponsoring all those other events is great, but you only get a small portion of the voice. You're limited to your booth size and what you can do outside of that in terms of grassroots.
    2. We are definitely on to something because this is something unique that had never been done before.
    3. We choose events that make a connection directly to something they care about.
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