1. How to Use Retargeting to Grow Your Event Audience

    How to Use Retargeting to Grow Your Event Audience

    If you spend any time browsing products from online retailers, you have likely experienced retargeting. It’s the term for that seemingly magical way that products you looked at—a coat on Amazon for example—suddenly appear in ads in your Facebook feed and on other websites you visit. Advertisers hope that by seeing that coat again and again, you will eventually decide to purchase it. That same strategy can also be used by planners who are trying to grow the audience for their events.

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    1. People who are trying to grow their events should use every tool at their disposable, and retargeting is a particularly effective one that for some reason has been neglected by the event industry. It is great for attendee acquisition.
    2. In a split second an auction takes place, and whoever wins at auction, that's what determines what ad loads on the website.
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