1. Available Light Participates in Ellipsoidal Leko Shootout

    Available Light Participates in Ellipsoidal Leko Shootout

    In mid-March, 50 lighting industry professionals pulled on their boots and rode their horses over mounds of plowed snow to Boston to see the first eve...

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    1. Dan, Anthony and I are dedicated to serving lighting design education, because of this, we wanted the event to be a unifying experience, not a competitive one. There was no
    2. We know that LED lighting is significantly more efficacious than legacy halogen sources, but from color quality to dimming to mechanics, we wanted to demystify the performance and attributes of LED-driven ellipsoidal spotlights.
    3. This shootout gave us the opportunity not only to compare fixtures to one another but also to understand real time performance vs. published data.
    4. It not only gave them the opportunity to show their fixtures to 50 diverse lighting designers in one shot, it also gave them the chance to see where their fixtures stacked up against the competition.
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