1. How to Create a Food Event Made for Instagram

    How to Create a Food Event Made for Instagram

    There’s yet another recently announced culinary festival joining the Los Angeles food event scene—but this one has a distinct twist. Created by the food tech entity the Infatuation (which has a website, newsletter, mobile app, and text referral service), the new Eeeeeatscon is made for Instagrammers, and for Instagram.

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    1. This festival is all about community—much in the way that the social-media platforms themselves have connected like-minded people around the world, we want Eeeeeatscon to be a place where people who are passionate food and restaurants can connect with each other.
    2. Our main concern is that the food tastes good, but we're confident it will all look good too.
    3. We've always been passionate about connecting with our audience offline and in person.
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