1. Could Your Event Expand to a New City?

    Could Your Event Expand to a New City?

    Like most nonprofits, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation plans events near its home in Annapolis, Maryland. But in an effort to tap a new donor base, it expanded its footprint with a new event in Washington. Now in its second year, the DC on the Half Shell cocktail party expanded the foundation’s network of donors to the nearby Washington area, about an hour’s drive away.

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    1. We draw constituents from all over the bay area, and in D.C. we could make it convenient for them as well as those coming from Annapolis.
    2. If you're visualizing a new event, it's hard to show sponsors how their impact will be felt in the room. But the opportunity to show that from last year was helpful in continuing the momentum with them in year two.
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