1. If You Plan It, Will They Come?

    If You Plan It, Will They Come?

    The CEO of Estée Lauder once suggested using a “lipstick index” as an economic indicator, in the belief that sales of lipstick go up in hard times because women can’t afford higher priced items like clothes or shoes. These days a better symbol may be a name tag, because there is no better metric of the health of the global economy than meetings.

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    1. The board is absolutely supportive of refunding [delegates] 100 percent not just from the banned countries, but from countries including Turkey, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia who are now fearful of entering the country.
    2. The purpose of the conference is oral health research, and I keep thinking.
    3. There was nothing on the radar at any meetings or from Meeting Planners International when we discussed safety concerns for global travel. This was totally unexpected.
    4. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this issue will now be firmly on the agenda for any association whose meetings attract delegates from a wide variety of countries and whose decision-making guidelines state that all their members should be allowed to attend.
    5. I am obligated to act in the best interest of the organization and having a meeting in a place where some of our members are not allowed would not be correct.
    6. Groups can certainly make it a business decision to insist on language in their contracts that specifically refers to these issues and allows for a right of cancellation without liability.
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