1. 10 Essential Points to Include in Your Venue Contract

    10 Essential Points to Include in Your Venue Contract

    Seasoned event professionals leave nothing to chance when it comes to securing what may be an event’s most significant foundational detail: the venue. Include these 10 points in a venue contract to ensure seamless execution with no surprises. 1. Are all financial commitments spelled out? This part may seem the most obvious, but it may also be the most critical.

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    1. Make sure you state your deposit and final payment dates [with] payment schedule and amounts.
    2. Fireproofing decor is an additional expense that needs to be addressed before contract-signing to avoid an unexpected cost, and it would be unfortunate to be unable to use decor that has already been purchased.
    3. Exclusive vendors take away the option to use vendors you are familiar with or fit into your budget—and required vendors can add unexpected costs.
    4. The venue should be properly attended to for the entirety of the event to ensure a quality guest experience.
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