1. Inside the Sales Meeting of the Future

    Inside the Sales Meeting of the Future

    How to evolve your sales meeting strategy to meet the expectations of today’s modern attendees…

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    1. People will find productive ways to use those 40 minutes, so just give it to them.
    2. People have such high expectations with what they get at home now, and anything short of that falls short.
    3. I always say use the group to attack problems—win-loss analysis is critical to sales meetings and if we nail that part of the meeting, people will walk out of there feeling empowered, they'll know the pitfalls and opportunities and what didn't work here or there.
    4. Wow, I can't believe they thought of this.
    5. Before they arrive on-site, attendees should understand why they're going to the meeting and what they're going to walk away with. You need to be constantly in front of them with that branding and that message.
    6. You're trying to create that environment where you can rejuvenate if you've been on all day to take 20 minutes to step away and relax.
    7. We've used QR codes and iPads so attendees were able to self-check-in.
    8. With even the first communication, you want to make sure you're instilling a sense of value and a sense of worth, and establishing relevance for the event.
    9. At the end of the day, people react to and remember stories more so than they do facts or stats.
    10. Perhaps they start cooking with these ingredients that night, and already, they're starting to build a memory of that meeting, a feeling and sentiment that will stay with them.
    11. We work very closely with production teams on staging and the look and feel of a room, and this year we had a long space covered with LED screens, lighting and video work that was phenomenal.
    12. People like to buy from people who they like, and who are smart, and so interview different people on what they like to do in their personal time; where they're from, and create an interesting story you build when everyone is already there and engaged.
    13. Sales people get spreadsheets and numbers and goals, but they often don't get the stuff that marketing people get, the customer insights, seeing what customers are sharing on social media and what they're saying about the brand, so they can learn about their brand from the customer's perspective.
    14. Our question is always, how do we tie this back to the strategy and what we're trying to accomplish in the meeting.
    15. So many times you're in a destination but you never really see it, because you're in the venue. So try and get attendees to immersive themselves in the culture and explore and never make them sit in a meeting room all day or just host a dinner.
    16. The attendees love it and again it creates that emotional connection to their company.
    17. It's how you get underneath perspectives of how the participating audiences felt about the program, the event or activity, and how satisfied they were.
    18. For me, that's always the most valuable way to get results is to get the participant perspective on whether the event was worth attending, was it motivating, did it inspire them, how was the venue—because those are all really important things as well.
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