1. Marketing in Motion: Inside Audi’s Experiential Evolution

    Marketing in Motion: Inside Audi’s Experiential Evolution

    Erin Keating, Head of Events

    Like the gleaming metal exhibit on the floor at CES that wowed attendees with its sleek ribbed exterior and sleeker space-age interior. Or the launch events for the A3 targeting young urban consumers with night test-drives. Or the dealer events in unexpected places spanning Alcatraz and Miami’s Wynwood district. Or—well, you get the point. From the auto shows to ski mountains to the new Major League Soccer sponsorship, few brands have as much action… as Audi.

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    1. We use auto shows as the primary way to launch new vehicles, but there was a moment in time when we needed to bring that experience to local markets.
    2. Ski isn't in a silo anymore, it is now about the lifestyle of ski and where else we can be found for that type of consumer.
    3. We're capturing names that we can chase all the way through the system. Car sales can take 18 months or longer [to convert, so you need to be patient] for that real transactional value [to post].
    4. I wouldn't say that is the key thing we were looking for, but it ties in nicely.
    5. Some people would go out and maybe just sponsor their local soccer team or maybe just be the official vehicle for MLS.
    6. We thought, OK, we're not going to come in here and blanket the space with white, but we incorporated our brand so people understood that Audi has been here.
    7. When people came in, they recognized it was different, but they didn't feel like someone draped the whole space to make it feel Audi. Our designers find authentic twists but do it in an Audi way that doesn't feel out of place with the space you are in.
    8. I don't see a way forward without making sure that technology plays a role, however there is a lot of technology out there and some of it is confusing.
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