1. AV Technology Trends for Attractions & Live Entertainment Events - Blooloop

    AV Technology Trends for Attractions & Live Entertainment Events - Blooloop

    From fine pitch LED to projection tracking, audiovisual (AV) technology in attractions and events is evolving fast. The biggest challenge is making sure you take a measured approach to using the best of what's on offer. Attractions venues and Live ...

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    1. The biggest challenge is creating new and unique experiences that have an instant wow factor and audience impact.
    2. The resolution of LED has gone from rubbish to revolutionary and is now as good as, if not better than, projection.
    3. Showing video beyond 10m wide – a frequent occurrence at live concerts and conferences – requires a 4K image, otherwise you're just wasting pixels.
    4. Designers and specifiers think they need 4K/UHD because we all hear about it from TV manufacturers' advertising.
    5. Atmosphere screens featured real time content mixed live in 8K resolution. They changed in line with the mood of the fans, surrounding their peripheral vision and making them an inescapable part of the drama.
    6. From the delicate nature of headsets, to hygiene passing it from one person to another and the time this consumes meaning others miss the experience, VR faces too many challenges in the live environment.
    7. Ultimately you will be able to create a live show with a person in the VR game. A green screen will live broadcast the player's view.
    8. From on-court projection mapping during a basketball game to a thrilling ride at a theme park, Mystique Install makes it easier to create sophisticated visuals
    9. This involves using a media server and tracking cameras which tracks certain marked points.
    10. This allows them to see which elements are popular. It also allows them to devise ways of driving footfall to those that aren't, all in real time.
    11. Technology is great until it crashes.
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