1. Fab 50 2016: Making the Most of Partnerships

    Fab 50 2016: Making the Most of Partnerships

    Each year, our Fab 50 program provides a list of the top fabricators serving the event and trade show industry in an effort to simplify the exhibit partner selection process. This year, in addition to the 2016 Fab 50 lineup, we offered a deeper dive into the state of the fabrication industry, including a look at strategic partnerships.

    As event marketers know, great events are the product of great partnerships. Here, the Fab 50 weigh in on how you can make the most of yours.

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    1. One of the things we ask is to be engaged early because sometimes ideas can take root within a corporation and it's very hard to change them.
    2. There are [exhibit houses] that are outsourcing a ton of work; they become almost an in-house broker with creative and they'll farm out a lot of different things.
    3. If you're targeting millennials or if you're a retail brand and you're targeting women, something like Pinterest should be top of mind.
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