1. Fab 50 2016: The Top Three Trends of the Year

    Fab 50 2016: The Top Three Trends of the Year

    Each year, our Fab 50 program provides a list of the top fabricators serving the event and trade show industry in an effort to simplify the exhibit partner selection process. This year, in addition to the 2016 Fab 50 lineup, we offered a deeper dive into the state of the fabrication industry, including a look at top trends.

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    1. They're spending a whole lot more time doing web research in advance of the show so they're coming to shows more prepared than ever before.
    2. There was a trend a while ago where ad agencies and trade shows played in two different sandboxes and now you're noticing that they're playing more together.
    3. We're not seeing as many creative new materials being used.
    4. The industry has changed a lot, even within the last five to 10 years.
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