1. Event Technology Impacts Every Aspect of Meetings But Needs Wider Adoption

    Event Technology Impacts Every Aspect of Meetings But Needs Wider Adoption

    Furthermore, a mere 58 percent of people who plan meetings and don't currently use event tech see the potential for technology to eventually improve their programs. Meaning, 42 percent of those responsible for bringing people together to drive business ...

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    1. A couple years ago, event technology was all about engaging the attendees in a mobile and digital way because that's what the attendees wanted, so the purpose really wasn't to gather data necessarily.
    2. The reason why we're expanding into the U.S. is because we feel like we've become the dominant player in Europe as we have the most spaces and the strongest demand now.
    3. We're trying to push them more toward online booking, Although, we can see that after they start booking once or twice initially, they generally move to online booking.
    4. When you're trying to find meeting space, you're pretty much stuck with hotels and maybe special event spaces, but at the same time there is so much creative space standing around empty.
    5. Hotels treat small meetings the same way they treat large conferences, because you still have to go back and forth with requests-for-proposals (RFPs), room charts, and contracts, and there's no real channel for small group bookings for many of them.
    6. Having immediate access to rates 24/7 is the big thing.
    7. About 80 percent of people just show up to a conference and don't really engage in any meaningful way online, and often it's because they just don't have time.
    8. There's all of this engagement between the buyers and exhibitors at IMEX, which is the reason why people are there, of course
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