1. Event Planners Try to Understand Mobile Devices and Security

    Event Planners Try to Understand Mobile Devices and Security

    Kevin White, chief strategist at the Boston-based XPL experiential design agency, attended the ILEA summit. He also emphasized the importance of collaborating across silos, and not just in terms of the different meetings and events organizations. There ...

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    1. We are trying to look at events as a whole because oftentimes we look at them in their separate niches, which is necessary, but we wanted a true reflection of the current state of the entire industry.
    2. One of the main takeaways from the summit was the realization that we've reached a threshold where we need to better articulate our value to end users, and why they need professionals to deliver their events.
    3. We need to get together more like this because we're not different, it's our markets that are different.
    4. These things are coming and they're coming fast.
    5. I think everyone knows that technology is important to embrace, but a lot of people still have problems with apps, and how people are using them.
    6. We need to make sure technology is adding value, and there's a reason, ROI, and strategy about why it's being used, versus tech for tech sake.
    7. There's always been a discussion about security but we didn't really think we had to be a part of it, If you look at Orlando and Nice, this is something that is definitely impacting the event industry.
    8. Everyone needs to be part of a bigger conversation.
    9. The idea of the sharing economy, and the way Uber and Airbnb are doing things that impact our industry, is ground-breaking.
    10. We wanted access to a whole new raft of potential partners for Visit Scotland, who are not necessarily in meetings and conferences, but more in the consumer-facing, live events arena.
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