1. 3 reasons why your RFPs go unanswered

    3 reasons why your RFPs go unanswered

    The No. 1 problem meeting planners have today is getting hoteliers to respond to their requests for proposal (RFPs).

    Several factors are at play, but suppliers who convened at our roundtables at PYM LIVE events in Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Austin cited three main reasons why salespeople either respond or relegate your RFP to the junk pile.

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    1. When I see there's an update, I always read that update and email my properties, I send the alert out to the hotels to update their proposals because we want those meetings to come to our city.
    2. We're having a hard time granting everything planners are asking for.
    3. Seasoned planners know to go for the top four or five items and then include a wish list, The problem is senior planners don't educate the younger planners who are doing sourcing, so they're going for the whole basket.
    4. We don't know how qualified the lead is, and when we try to call them and ask questions, we don't get any response.
    5. We figure that the more destinations on the RFP, the less serious this piece of business should be treated.
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