1. Non-traditional Materials for Permanent Installations - Thinking Outside The Box As You May Know It!

    Non-traditional Materials for Permanent Installations - Thinking Outside The Box As You May Know It!

    It’s always wise to enhance the ambiance of your space. Unique installations have become a great tool used to create a new attention-grabbing look for retail, residential, corporate, and museum/ educational locations. A "face lift!"

    When it comes to construction, permanent installations have to be built to last for years with minimal repairs. This means they must be designed and structured to withstand a steady flow of visitors. At the heart of every successful permanent installation is sustainable, high quality, and cost effective materials. Focus on quality when choosing what materials you pick. In the long run, the expense will be worth the virtually maintenance free site!

    Think outside the box as you may know it. When choosing a design, the options are endless! Make a statement. For some inspiration check out these three pieces:

    Rebecca Ward from New York Located in Tokyo, Japan, Rebecca Ward from NYC designed and installed an amazing installation out of gaffers tape adhered to glass and white walls. As we mentioned before, materials are limitless so think outside the box. Using these non-traditional materials, Rebecca transformed Kate Spade’s shop to have an amazing, unique, and inviting atmosphere.







     A second example is a unique installation created by Chandra Bocci from Portland, Oregon, which represents the Big Bang. This piece which resides at Mass Moca’s Kidspace: You Art What You Eat has been creatively constructed out of Gummy Bears, Worms, & Swedish Fish. This installation, over 15’ in diameter is an educational piece designed to reference “the sticky nature of the Big Bang theory and at the same time, comments on consumer culture” –Mass Moca








    Crown Victorian windshields




    Another example of an incredibly creative installation is the recycled Crown Victorian windshields which were used to create a unique railing around a staircase and mezzanine. This permanent installation can be found in Artist for Humanity Epicenter located in Fort Point Arts District of Boston. Made mostly of recycled materials and incorporating renewable energy technologies, the building has been named one of the top ten green buildings in the country!





    VDA Productions

    Lastly, one of VDA Productions’ non-traditional materials for permanent installation is Jelly Belly jelly beans. These unique candy installations have been in various cities including: Vegas, New York City, Atlantic City, Miami, Hollywood, and Charleston. VDA’s design and carpentry team has had the pleasure to construct everything from Marilyn Monroe to Lucy the Elephant. As a side note, when working with jelly beans or unusual materials, one needs to be aware of problems such as: fire laws, temperature control, and preservation...Some materials are delicious!

     If you are contemplating a "face lift" for your space, give us a call! From concept to reality, our team of in-house designers, sculptors, painters, welders, carpenters, and technicians work to develop and build permanent elements that provide years of virtually maintenance free, dramatic environments.

    We hope this post has inspired you! If you have any questions or would like to start a conversation about your next project, please reach out to us at 617-628-1200

    You can follow VDA on Twitter @VDAPRODUCTIONS for more tips and updates, and check out our VDA Facebook page for fun photos and project news.





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