1. Seven Ways the Industry’s Tech Conferences are Modernizing the B-to-B Experience

    Seven Ways the Industry’s Tech Conferences are Modernizing the B-to-B Experience

    When it comes to business meetings and events, it just doesn’t get any bigger than the technology conference. As some of the longest-running shows in the event industry, these super events occupy the largest footprints, attract the most number of attendees, have the deepest budgets and deliver the largest ROI.

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    1. Our approach to IDF this year was to be much more human, much more open and accessible, authentic and delightful.
    2. To showcase Intel as a more sensible, human and authentic brand with a variety of experiences across Moscone.
    3. It introduced a very human-oriented conference, which I think is important at a tech event.
    4. It was more about engaging in conversation and interactive experiences versus sitting and being presented to.
    5. It was a nice departure, an evolution of the networking lounge from Intel, with experiential retail and social interaction with product and devices.
    6. As a society, we love music, sports, fitness, food, entertainment, gaming. We brought all of those passion points forward on various levels of Moscone West to engage people, and there was a technology spin to it that helps Intel connect through these experiences.
    7. It was a little risk-taking, but people lined up for it.
    8. We offered some experiences that enhanced the attendees' opportunities to have fun, but also reflect the attributes of the brand.
    9. This year, almost everything was all in one place, intermingled together.
    10. We wanted to make it fun so people relaxed, interacted and connected with each other.
    11. To do this requires a good engine to understand the data, then come up with the programs.
    12. We're trying to be much more segmented, much more targeted to what individual customers and companies need and are looking for from a content and conference experience.
    13. And we are designing Oracle OpenWorld to reflect that.
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