1. FACCOC Awards ViridiSTOR its Emerald Award for Innovative Green Product

    ViridiSTOR LLC's Green Box Solution has been awarded the FACCOC (Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County) Emerald Award for Innovative ...
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    1. We are very pleased to receive this award from this organization and the community.
    2. We are very pleased at the recognition received from our state.s representatives. It speaks to how our environmentally sustainable solution, that at the same time is fiscally sound, can benefit not only California's businesses, but the over 16,000 events that are held every year in the US and Canada.
    3. Our solution is one of the only fiscally sound solutions to a world-wide problem - the elimination of paper-based materials at events.
    4. In addition to the environmental savings, our solution provides multiple innovations to reduce costs of participation at events and generate sponsorship profits for the event producer.
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