1. Got Drape?

    Got Drape?

    While many individuals think of drape as a masking tool, in reality drape can be better defined as a design element. In addition to camouflaging flaws or simply concealing a venue, drapery can be used to enhance the experience of any event. By combining different draperies, layering, using an assortment of lighting options, or combining drapery with imaginative décor, one can create a welcoming ambiance or style for any space.

    For instance, pairing cut voile drapery with a little LED lighting, one can create four drastically different atmospheres: icicles for a winter wonderland, seaweed for under the sea, leaves for a fall night, or red flames to introduce energy.

     Drape Pics

    Another technique, frequently used by the teams at VDA, involves using layering as a technique to create distinctive looks for an event. Pairing sheer drapery with distinctive colors layered behind, and the right amount of lighting, can create an eclectic range of appearances. For instance, in the picture presented below, VDA paired a sheer white Austrian Drape over a fiber optic drape, which created a twinkling sensation. To further develop the experience, special LED lighting was added which tinted the drapery an inspiring magenta. By varying the color choices utilized for the negative space and the setting changes; the options become endless.


    Drapery can also be used as a means to divide a venue into multiple spaces.  Elegantly hanging drapery to create a broken wall provides a means of separation.  This technique creates structure for an event, as well as a more intimate feeling for the attendees:  Dinner area vs. Cocktail area or Dining area vs. Dance Area, etc.  As shown in the picture below, the drapery divides the room in an elegant way, adding a splash of color yet still allowing a view of the entire venue.


    Additionally, creating a theme is as easy as effectively pairing and mixing various colors to promote your theme. For example, pairing red, white, and blue drapery to create a patriotic feeling; while combining green, gold, & purple sets the stage for a Mardi Gras event.

    Take drape to the next level to create the perfect ambiance for every occasion, making your options inexhaustible. 

    To learn more about transforming your space for your next event, contact VDA Productions at 617-628-1200 or CLICK HERE to  send an email.

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