1. Saving Money On Your Tradeshow Program

    Saving Money On Your Tradeshow Program

    I recently came across this article written by event marketing guru and wine connoisseur (added bonus!), Liz Lathan

    that highlights “10 ways to save money on your next tradeshow program”.  I felt compelled to share and comment…anything that gets a point across succinctly with a hearty message to digest, I’m all for. 

    As an event professional (I'm also the current MPI New England Chapter President) that works to customize tradeshow environments with our clientele, I’m constantly looking for ways to create maximum impacts for minimum spend.  I’ve added a couple tips and tricks on top of Liz’s already well-made points to make your savings that much more effective.     

    • Point #1 - I’d like to re-state Liz’s Point #1 to say – “use less printed signage."  My take: Be careful not to discard too many elements that carry your brand identity, but it is worth looking into a digital option that can be tweaked from show to show and save you a few dollars in the long run.  
    •  Point #2 - “Re-use the booth."  My take: It’s a great way to think cost-wise, but I’d tweak this directive to “re-use elements of the booth”.  Don’t get stuck in trying to cram your branded identity to one style of booth.  Chances are, you’re attending multiple shows a year and I bet each and every venue is a little different.  Work with your trade show design team to come up with designated internal areas that you can re-use (i.e. lead retrieval, demo stations, lounge discussion, etc.) that allows for some flexibility show to show (and booth size to booth size). 
    • Point #5 – "Lighten up your booth." My take: While I might not be a huge fan of stretch fabric as a design element inside your booth, I do agree that working to create a “lighter load” design for savings on drayage is a favorable path to take.  Also – work to ensure your booth feature engages attendees…don’t spend your dollars on “flash in the pan” designs if they’re not drawing attendees in to learn more about your brand.
    • Point #8 – "Plan ahead." My take: I couldn’t agree more.  Remember – 80% of your event is all the planning and pre-production that occurs before you even get on-site.  Take the time to map out a calendar of deadlines to ensure those last-minute rush fees don’t get tacked.  One step better?  Create a small budget for those last-minute fees and work to reduce that line item year after year. 

    Do you have other tips and tricks that you’d like to share from your personal experiences?  Send me an email at susan@vdaproductions.com – I’d love to hear from you!

    Till next time!

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    1. As an event professional that works to customize trade show environments with our clientele, I’m constantly looking for ways to create maximum impacts for minimum spend.
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