1. Getting Back to the Human Touch to Grow Your Company

    Getting Back to the Human Touch to Grow Your Company

    Virtual communication is the hottest way to network...right? Well, it's actually just a part of the best way to build your brand and grow your company. Some of us may have gotten a bit too excited about the tech and forgot, albeit briefly, about the human side of business and what works for meetings and conferences today...the human touch.

    Let's get back to the importance of face-to-face meetings in order to build partnerships and relationships. 

    Convenience and Ease of Digital Communications

    It's no surprise we lost our way with the convenience of digital communications. Online networking makes everything easier for businesses small and large, and allows any business to network internationally. It brings efficiency, speed, convenience, and saves money. However, studies have shown and statistics prove that meeting clients, prospective clients, etc., in person helps build trust and paves the way to brand loyalty. There is something about the social aspect of allowing your clients to see you, engage in face-to-face conversation, and generally interact with you in person that creates a bond of trust with you and your brand much more intimately than it would online.

    DID YOU KNOW? It's time to bring the human touch back into your business networking campaign. A recent study out of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration claims that the person-to-person event is still better for sales and marketing than the virtual communication is. It is easier to create an emotional bond and a long term relationship. In a face-to-face event you can better help your clients, partners, colleagues, and potential clients remember and understand your company. The result of this study was that certain business situations lend themselves to more face-to-face communication. This includes trade shows, conventions, annual meetings, and seminars. 

    Combine Virtual and Face-to-Face Networking for Success

    According to Meeting Professionals International (MPI), 28% of customers claimed that they would no longer buy from their suppliers if they could not meet in person. On the other hand, 40% of customers said that they would not have become customers if they had to have face-to-face meetings. This shows the importance in both virtual and in person communications.

    Customers go to your events to see you, interact with your company, learn about your products, and experience your company. People do business with people. The human touch drives sales and strengthens your brand.

    In Person Networking Groups

    • Chamber of Commerce

    • Local Networking Groups

    • Trade Shows

    • Industry Organizations

    • Trade Associations

    • Community Service Organizations such as the American Legion, Rotary Clubs, The Lion's Club

    • Business Networking International (BNI)

    • Kiwanis Clubs

    • Professional Associations

    • Meetup Groups

    Hot Trend or No-Brainer?

    The hottest trend is the human touch where you can tap into a plethora of emotions and captivate your audience with your brand. It's time to put ourselves back into the equation at company meetings, conferences, trade shows, company events, and interviews. Your clients, customers, partners, and colleagues will feel that connection with you in person. They will feel everything you present to them - that you really do care about their needs and desires. They will see you as a real person as opposed to someone they only get to see online in photos and videos, or hear in phone conferences. Your realness will grow, and so will your business.

    It is the emotions that are cultivated in the human relationship that cement the process of branding. Your network will be embedded with your brand, your business, your caring, your human touch - you.

    So whether it be corporate facility branding, user conferences, themed exhibits, event production, trade show booth design, or meetings and conference set ups, VDA is leading the way with a philosophy and commitment to merge human touch and virtual technology in the most creative and innovation ways in order for you to grab your audience attention, build trust and a lasting relationship over time and burn your brand into their consciousness.

    So...Reach out. Reach out and touch someone! 

    Till next time!




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