1. Trend Alert: Branded Corporate Television Studios/Stages – Instant Gratification!

    Trend Alert: Branded Corporate Television Studios/Stages – Instant Gratification!

    Imagine your team at the next trade show. Your booth has a full-fledged television studio, and your marketing director is interviewing your customers regarding your hottest new products. The interview is being shown live to those passing by your booth and simultaneously to your staff back at headquarters. Most importantly, the booth and television studio is your company’s and can be used for a variety of functions.

    Does this sound like the wave of the future? Well it may be, but it is available now! Get your own and enhance product launches, roll-outs, events, etc…TV studios are on the “it” list for corporate meetings, exhibits, trade shows, corporate facilities, and themed events.

    Hot Trends

    Recently, major players in marketing, branding and social media were asked to comment on the trends in the industry in the next year or two. Some of the things that were mentioned included:

    • A large movement toward brands to purchase media companies in order to more quickly build their customer base.
    • New tools that all companies to facilitate their marketing content from creation to publishing and reach customers in real time in order to make quick changes, accommodations and repurposing of their efforts.
    • Future marketers will bring videos, humor, pictures and the human factor into their messages.
    • Visual storytelling that inspires both your staff and your customers and gets your brand noticed.

    There is an agency movement to offering clients branded corporate television studios where they can reach their customer base at trade shows/ conventions, meetings, and events with online videos, with complete control from creation to publishing, and the strongest possible medium for visual, humorous, human factor based branding and messaging.

    With a branded corporate TV studio and stage set, content is quickly and effectively disseminated; information regarding how that trade show went, what was discussed at the last conference, what new products are ready to be launched and what are on the drawing board, and what promotions are on the way. This is a great tool for external corporate communications and for internal programs. 

    In Praise of The Award-Winning Media Hub

    The Media Hub hit the market in late summer, 2013. Designed as part of a global tradeshow for over 14000+ attendees in Las Vegas, the Media Hub was intended to be an immersive gathering place for all central media and information sharing. The Media Hub was a branded environment, designed, fabricated and project managed by VDA Productions and was the location of choice for major industry players and influencers.

    This type of immersive environment for traditional and social media engagement included:

    • TV studio for live streaming and interviews
    • Stage for Q&A
    • Invitation only press room
    • Comfortable soft seating areas for blogging
    • LED monitors that presented attendees with continuous information loops
    • Twitter feeds of interviews and product updates, and news on research and new products

    In discussing this design, David G. Breen, founder and Principal Designer at VDA Productions had this to say: “The Media Hub was a centralized location for social media engagement and information sharing. It was developed to mimic the look and feel of the rest of our designs and the overall show floor theme, feeding the need to provide a tech-savvy environment specifically dedicated to real-time engagement. The Media Hub provided a forum for building long-term relationships with the attendee via an online community, and not just within the confines of the physical event space.”

    The immersed environment of the Media Hub is a great example of just one of the trends VDA sees coming in the industry. It uses all the tools of today’s technology to build trust, credibility both internally and externally.

    Consider this: The branded corporate television studio and stage set pulls together both concepts of branding and marketing in the best possible, most innovative and effective way.

     Make it happen! 



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