1. TREND ALERT: VDA Productions Introduces Innovative Logo Design to Corporate Branding - Deconstructed Dimensions

    TREND ALERT: VDA Productions Introduces Innovative Logo Design to Corporate Branding - Deconstructed Dimensions

    Effective branding is imperative for companies of all sizes. If you don’t have an effective branding and logo program, you are losing a big stream of revenue to your competitors. In this competitive world of designing corporate logos and branding programs it is vital that you embrace new technologies and design ideas.

    Why is corporate branding so important? Is it just the current buzz in the corporate world or is it something that will be replaced by the newest trend in a year or two? According to the New York Times, “branding is key…to business success. It is the quickest way for your company to express what it is and what it can offer. Inaccurate branding of a new business can make it difficult for people to grasp why the business exists in the first place.”

    What is Corporate Branding?

    Corporate branding is the process of establishing an image, name, and credibility for your business. Aspects of corporate branding include a logo, letterhead, website, business cards, office décor, and any materials that represent your company. Often, your logo or slogan is more easily remembered than the name of your business.

    For example, if I show you a swish mark that says, “Just do it”, what company comes to mind? Nike of course! They have burned their logo and slogan into our brains and their corporate brand is unmistakable. Nike is one of the most successful corporate branding campaigns in history.

    With so many messages coming at the consumer today your image and your brand has to stand out as it might be the one thing that swings that customer or account in your direction. This is why it is so important to be on the cutting edge of design and branding. This is why it is so important to constantly come up with new ideas and new designs and ways to visually represent your brand.

    This is particularly true at tradeshows, exhibits, corporate meetings, in themed retail environments, corporate facilities, and other company venues and events. When it comes to this type of branding innovation and creativity, VDA Productions and Founder/ Principal Designer, David G. Breen, are at the head of the class and leading the way in this field. 

    Branding Trends

    There are always new and evolving trends in the branding field. Today’s trends include black and white only logos, simple patterns or mosaic patterns, serrated edges, transparent overlaps and splatters, and watercolors. VDA Productions is familiar with all of these trends and goes beyond them with a new design process – Deconstructed Dimensions. VDA, the leader in 3 dimensional designs, is showing the marketing world that logos do not have to be restricted to the original 2 dimensional design. Companies can now take their branding effort even further with Deconstructed Dimensions in design.

    HOT Logo Design

    A Deconstructed Dimensions design logo can be separated into multiple layers, pulled apart and dimensionally reconstructed to give a very new, innovative, stimulating and creative design while still staying true to the original message of the brand.

    Unlike the traditional logo, the Deconstructed Dimensions design is visually dynamic and engaging. A new layer of excitement and interest is added and target audiences are enticed to pay more attention to the brand and logo. The dynamic approach of a D.D increases audience awareness of the brand making the visual connection as powerfully as Nike is identified by the swoosh!


    Standing Out

    In today’s crowded marketplace where the consumer is constantly bombarded with images, logos and brands there is a distinct need to stand out. The challenge is to make the logo and brand as contemporary as possible, as attention grabbing as possible, without cutting short the life span of the logo.

    How many decades have we been identifying the swoosh with Nike?


    How many years have you immediately associated the apple with the bite out of it with Apple Inc.? Apple was actually able to change their logo by removing the rainbow and going to a monochromatic design without confusing their customers, and at the same time signaling that something had changed.


    This is exactly what you want with your logo and what Deconstructed Dimensions will do for you.

     “We want to offer innovative designs for specific clients, clients who always get results from unique products, not cookie-cutter designs,” says David G. Breen. “We want to be bold while our competitors are leaning italic.”  This motivation to always lead the pack or be at the head of the branding class is the foundation of VDA’s success.

    Leading in Innovation

    VDA leads the industry in innovation and new technologies with Deconstructed Dimensions as the latest. Its corporate culture stresses innovation, integrity, and trust among staff. VDA is a pioneer in the industry and sets the pace for innovation and client success stories. Perhaps it is the passion with which Breen and his staff approach the challenges of the industry that makes them so innovative and successful. Perhaps it is the belief in new and creative technologies that Breen so passionately embraces that allows VDA to create new design methods and processes,  enabling the  Breen and VDA such pacemakers in their industry.

    Whatever it is that motivates and moves Breen and VDA to always be on the cutting edge, to be the innovators and creators - the clients and customers are the winners. Deconstructed Dimensions is only the latest in this technological pipeline that is VDA. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the results of Deconstructed Dimensions.


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